Writing Can Be Habit Forming

8 weeks ago I finished a course wherein I was expected to publish a blog post every week for 14 weeks. I am just as likely as anyone to get stuck by a bad case of writer’s block, but the push to write every single week helped me push through a lot of that writer’s block, so much so that writing became an enjoyable part of my week.

From very early in my career I have been invited to write for several different publications. i have some incredible people in my network that write A LOT, and they invite others around them to write. For a long time I assumed I couldn’t, or shouldn’t write with these people as I didn’t feel like I had anything new or exciting to say. However, as I have gone through the last few years in my career, I have come to realize that very rarely does anyone have anything new to say. There is so much knowledge and content in the universe that were I to only share new or unique concepts, I would have very little to share through my life.

That said, I have come to realize that while the concepts I share may not be new or unique, my approach, my experiences, and my voice are unique. No one else in the history of the human existence has exactly my experiences. Therefore even this post on writing about writing, a topic that has been covered ad nauseam, can be unique as it expresses my individual voice and story.

This semester brings a new set of classes and tasks. There is no hard requirement for me to keep writing, but as the title of this post suggests, writing can be habit forming. I want to continue sharing some of my experiences with the broader community, in the hopes that my unique experiences and perspective may be of some benefit to others. In addition to keeping up with more frequent updates to this blog, I will likely explore some other outlets for my writing as well.

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